Who We Are

Born Storytellers. Built for Impact.

Some call us a public relations agency, some a digital marketing agency, some a creative agency. We defy those labels because we are all of that and more. What matters is the right content in the right channel at the right time.

We are a full-service communication agency, committed to creating high-visibility PR programs meant to help our clients break through the clutter and develop mind share that turns into market share.

Moving beyond the realm of traditional public relations and marketing tactics, we dare to go where most PR agencies won’t: creative strategy, branding, video production, social media management, WOW events, special projects and guerilla efforts. Yes, we land tons of press, regularly book broadcast, and generate massive media buzz for our clients—it’s our passion—but we’re also overachievers, which means we can’t stop there. Our experience is vast.

RAN Communication means a dynamic and positive culture, an inventive and commited team with sense of humor, looking for new solutions, approaches and opportunities. We are storytellers, strategists, communicators, techies, visionaries, and pop-culture fanatics. We are the millennial marketers, the multitask-ers, the antithesis of the one trick pony. In fact, in the ten minutes it took to write this blurb, we’ve designed a press reel, pitched several influencers, held a short brainstorm, media trained a client, and washed it all down with a freshly brewed cup of good coffee.

We have the experience, contacts, and resources to position your brand in the top tier media to reach your audience with convincing messages that have “staying power.”

And we love our clients, our colleagues and our competitors They all force us to perform better, every day.

What makes us different from all the other agencies on the market is our contagious creativity doubled by bold communication. 

RAN Communication is proud to serve a clientele that sets trends, reflects popular culture and influences the course of public consciousness.